Thursday, December 20, 2012

Narendra Modi's Hat-trick

Gujarat yet again proves that people recognize good governance too.The thing is,this time there was no competition to Modi at all.It was very well evident from the way some 'important' congress leaders skipped campaigning most of the constituencies in Gujarat.In 2007, Sonia ji gave title 'Mouth ka saudagar(merchant of deaths)' to Modi and paid the price in the elections.This time the opposition couldn't really find one worthy issue to corner Modi.The biggest surprise is,inspite of being in power for more than 11 years,there are no worthy allegations of corruption against Modi.Literally - the congress gave up,much before the elections. They don't have a credible face in Gujarat.This statement is very well supported by the fact that the Gujarat congress president Mr.Arjun Modhwadia couldn't win in his constituency.Instead of concentrating on how to reach out to Gujarat people,the congress played all dirty games like 'branding' Modi a communal person, they didn't co-operate with Modi on appointing a lokayukta,using media against Modi etc.The congress heavily banked on media and Keshubhai Patel.But nothing worked out for them.

On the other hand,here is a Chief Minister,who didn't play the caste card or religion card.He didn't bribe the voters.There was no minority appeasement.He banked heavily on his development works.I believe this is the first time in India,3D technology was used for election campaigning.This clearly shows,how much Modi has updated himself with the latest technologies.The Hindu paper published an article or two daily,against Modi.Well I wonder what kind of journalism is this,constantly writing against a democratically elected Chief Minister.Anyone with common-sense will ask this question,'without doing anything good,how will people elect the same person time and again as Chief Minister?'. But I haven't read a single line in Hindu which highlighted the positives of Modi.And the so called negatives mentioned in their articles are not worth discussing at all.

That's the way Hindu has been all these years,so actually there is nothing to surprise.After all,the Hindu paper supported appointment of Mr.Navin Chawla as Chief Election Commissioner and N Ram wrote articles against Mr.Gopalasamy(former Chief Election Commissioner) for recommending Chawla's dismissal.I still remember an article by Charuhassan,in which he wrote 'the red line in his forehead is preventing him from being secular'.Well they have gone to the extent of branding a Chief Election Commissioner itself 'communal'. Then what else can we expect from them with respect to Modi?Not only Hindu,we have lot of intellectuals/political analysts who speak all non-sense against Modi.

Whenever Mr.Modi's name is involved in a discussion,it dates back to 2002.They speak about the communal riots happened in 2002.Still riots are happening in Assam,which is ruled by the congress. Rajasthan witnessed hindu-muslim clash this year, which is ruled by congress.None condemns these riots.If the riots happen under congress rule,its fun,we shouldn't take it serious.But if it happens under BJP's rule,we should antagonize the chief minister, who took honest measures to control riots of such a large magnitude.We should brand the party communal.Warre wah!!!IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt's statements are considered divine by the pseudo-secularists and pseudo-secular media.I have seen this fellow calling a sitting Chief Minister,as criminal in tv channels.We should not forget that he said this statement after he was released on conditional bail by the court.Well the story about Bhatt doesn't end here.His wife contested against Modi in Maninagar constituency on a congress ticket in the recent elections.Should I write more to prove Bhatt's credibility(?)?.This is just one example about people who criticize Modi.

The CBI gave false information against former Gujarat minister Amit Shah,to move the case out of the state. And the Supreme Court slammed the CBI for doing this. Read this "CBI’s ‘kith and kin’ remark on Gujarat’s Judiciary is complete nonsense and contemptuous: SC" - for source click here. Even after the Special Investigation Team(SIT),which was appointed by the Supreme Court,after an independent probe,gave clean chit to Modi on Ehsan Jaffri case,the media was focusing too much on the amicus-curiae report.Who is an Amicus Curiae?He is just a friend of the court.Whatever may be his argument,the final verdict will be given only by the judge.And the amicus curiae,who got too much of media attention was none other than Mr.Raju Ramachandran,who defended the 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab.
The SIT headed by Mr.R K Raghavan,which probed the riots case,gave a clean chit to Mr.Modi.At the same time,lot of people were convicted.A BJP MLA,Maya Kodnani,has been given life sentence.The court has sentenced 28 years of rigorous imprisonment to her.Doesn't this prove,the investigation was honest?All these years I have seen intellectuals condemning only the riots that happened after 2 compartments of sabarmati express was burnt.Not a single leader condemned the train burning,except Ms.Jayalalithaa.

Commenting on the roasting alive of 60 persons inside the Sabarmati Express in Godhra in Gujarat, she said, ``it is saddening and strange that when such acts are perpetrated against the minorities all political leaders rush'' to condemn. But when the majority is attacked, ``not a single political leader'' condemns it.

She rubbed it in further.``It is not as if crime is a crime only if it is committed against the minorities, and not so if it is committed against the majority community.''
- source.

That just came to my mind and hence shared it.We all know being secular is being anti-hindu in India.Coming back to the riots,I believe only in Gujarat,the investigation was completed so soon and the guilty were punished.But what about the 1984 Sikh-riots?In the 1984 riots,more than 3000 innocent Sikhs were killed,after the death of the then Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi.She was killed by two of her Sikh bodyguards[refer this]. After this there were huge riots in Delhi and more than 3000 people were killed brutally.When questioned about this,Mr.Rajiv Gandhi,who was sworn in as Prime Minister,said 'when a big tree falls, the earth shakes'.But Rajiv Gandhi is not viewed as a communal leader.

Well the point which I wanted to make is,how many people,involved in the anti-Sikh pogrom, were punished?We have seen lot of riots in Mumbai.There were riots in Rajasthan.The situation is still tense in Assam.How many people were punished?When the riots broke out in Gujarat,within 2 days Modi sensed the seriousness and called the army.The SIT report clearly says,Modi called the army on-time - see this link.
Inspite of taking steps,it took time to bring the situation under control.Administration lapses were there. When riots of such a large magnitude occurs,its quite common.I don't justify the riots,but my point is it was not state sponsored as it is being projected by the so called 'intellectuals'.And after 2002,till now,the state has not witnessed any riots.And Gujarat has developed vastly under the leadership of Mr.Modi.After a disastrous earthquake,after horrible religious riots,its no mean task to revive the state and to bring the situation back to normal.After bringing it back to normal,the state has attracted investors from all over the world.China has shown interest to invest in Gujarat.Japan says Gujarat is the right place to invest.It is not easy to achieve this after facing earthquake and riots.

Gujarat provides uninterrupted power-supply.They don't give free power-supply to anyone.They provide electricity at subsidized rates.Inspite of showing so much of development,still the media sees him as 'merchant of deaths'.The biggest problem with the media and the so called critics of Mr.Modi is that,they are not at all ready to listen to others.When the congress was getting some leads in 2007 Gujarat Assembly elections,the news channel Headlines Today almost declared victory for congress and they started discussing what's wrong with Modi?But within few minutes the trends changed and Modi got a landslide victory.Then the media started discussing 'what's wrong with the people of Gujarat?'.There can't be a bigger insult to democracy than this.

After 5 long years,lot of things has changed in Gujarat.Even Muslims vote for Modi.BJP did well even in the constituencies where more no. of  Muslims are there.Some half-baked politicians thinks touching Modi's hands will make them communal and avoiding Modi will bring more no. of Muslim votes.Pity on them really.But what has not changed even a little bit is the attitude of the English media and Modi's critics.To be precise,Modi fought the elections against the English media and Keshubhai Patel.These 2 gave tough fight to Modi than congress.Yogendra Yadav,an activist and a columnist,calls this victory for Modi as the darker side of democracy.Who is Yogendra Yadav to say this?Doesn't the people of Gujarat know,what they want and what they doesn't?If everything has to go as per the wishes of people like Yogendra Yadav and Rahul Kanwal,why should we have an electoral system?Its a real shame that,these news channels which speak volumes about freedom of expression,fails to respect democracy.If people are electing a candidate time and again, doesn't that itself mean,he has fulfilled their expectations?Doesn't that mean he has given a good governance?

Modi is in power for 11 years in Gujarat.He didn't win elections by doing booth capturing(booth capturing WAS popular in Bihar).He has worked sincerely for the people of Gujarat and that is why people elect him time and again.That is why he is seen above caste and religion.His so called critics,instead of expressing their frustration,should accept the reality that Modi has given a good governance.Instead of talking non-sense against Modi,they should make constructive criticism of Mr.Modi.That will be good for them as well as the nation.

It will be better for Mr.Gadkari if he himself announces Modi as BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate.If he has any ambitions of becoming PM,that will end up in disaster and the BJP at national level will become like congress in Gujarat or Tamil Nadu.Likes of Advani and Suhma Swaraj should give way to Modi. Advani is a real statesman in politics.One of the tallest leaders the BJP has ever produced.We should respect him.But its time for him to quit active politics.He should follow Mr.Vajpayee and give way to Modi.I wont be surprised if the party is forced to make Modi as its prime ministerial candidate.It will be interesting to see Modi in national politics.Modi has kept RSS and VHP at a distance in Gujarat.The sangh parivar very well knows that they cannot control Modi.But they too cannot stop him.Modi's entry into national politics will give a new lease of life to BJP,which will be a very bad news for the congress and good for the nation.

And regarding comments like 'darker side of democracy' is no different from finance minister Mr.Chidambaram's claim that they won Gujarat too(just because their tally increased by 2 seats). Believe me, he said this really.



We are very happy to see the Sir., Narendra Modi as a Hatrict maker of CM in Gujarat....I congrate him and BJP Party....

Harish.M said...

@Deepali - cool..hope he becomes PM soon :-)..thanks for commenting :-)