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Music moods - A Musical Journey

First time am attempting to write about music.Well to be honest,I don't know to 'compose' a song,also I don't know to play any musical instruments.But I love good music.I love songs.I believe, to enjoy good music one need not be a trained musician or singer.I would just like to share my views and some of my experiences related to music through this post.

Music plays a major role in everyone's life.Infact there is music in everyone's life.Every individual has a liking towards music,some people like Carnatic music,some have a liking towards western and some towards folk songs etc.But the reality is,depending upon our mood,the type of music we listen,varies.For me,the day starts with some meaningful songs.During the days,when I used to go in train or bus in the mornings,I created a playlist in my mobile and I would hear the same set of songs daily in the morning.It would start with either Ilayaraja sir's Thiruvasagam or his soul-stirring 'Janani Janani'.If its Thiruvasagam,first I would listen 'Putril Vaazh Aravum Anjen' then only other songs.But this playlist only when am travelling in bus/train.

If its a Margazhi(mid December to mid January) month,I will not miss my favorite singer Nithyashree Mahadevan's devotional songs in the TV channels.Its a great feeling to hear the likes Nithyashree or Bombay Jayashree's songs during margazhi month.Best part of the margazhi musical programs is Nithyashree singing Mahakavi Bharathiyar's songs.In the above video she is singing Bharathiyar's song.She is not only a great singer,but also a woman with great dignity.On seeing the way she appears in musical shows and the way she sings,at times I have felt like "Saraswathy Devi" herself is singing.She is so modest.See the way she answers about Mahakavi in one of the functions.I will not hesitate do a Namaskaram to this lady if I see her.

She is the grand-daughter of the veteran Carnatic singer D K Pattammal.D K Pattammal madam's Aaduvome palli paaduvome is one of the most popular Tamil songs,the lyrics of which were penned by Mahakavi Bharathiyar again.Pattammal passed away in 2009.But her legacy lives on.Though she is no more today,her songs are immortal.It is possible to write a series of posts about Pattammal madam itself.She was the first brahmin woman to perform this genre of music publicly.The brahmin society restricted woman from performing such music publicly and they considered it a taboo.She won all the odds and has left lot of immortal songs for us.You can watch Aaduvome pallu paaduvome in the below link(watch it from 5.36 sec).

When we think about Carnatic music,it is highly impossible to forget M S Subbulakshmi madam.She is widely known for her devotional songs.She has also acted in some movies and the popular movie is 'Meera'.Her 'Bhaja Govindam' will create divine mood while listening itself.Most of the people listen to M S Subbulakshmi's version of Venkatesa Suprabatham in the early morning.Whenever I listen her 'Kurai ondrum illai marai moorthy kanna',I would forget almost all the difficulties.One may be an atheist.But this lady's voice has some magic and it will surely have a great impact on the listener.Here is the song:

When one starts thinking about classical music,one can't restrict himself with just these songs.I mentioned about 'Margazhi' month,so just related these legends.

It will be a real sin,if one forgets K J Yesudas or UnniKrishnan,when writing about Carnatic music.An Yesudas song in the early morning is a great joy.In my 'devotional songs' playlist,Raama Naamam , Aadal Kalaye and Guruve Saranam  songs will always find a place.Not only these songs,he is popular for his "Ayyappan Songs".During the Tamil month 'Karthigai'(comes in November),the devotees will go on fast for Swamy Ayyappan and they will take a pilgrimage to Sabarimalai.Devotees will take the pilgrimage only in groups and they will be hearing lot of Ayyappan songs. Most of them would be K J Yesudas sir's.A group of religious fanatics fight in the name God.K J Yesudas sir is a Christian and Ayyappan songs in his voice only many will prefer to hear.Without true affection and devotion towards Swamy Ayyappan,Yesudas sir could not have created this magic, and , this golden voice of Yesu anna(that's how many fondly calls him) is definitely a gift of God.

His most popular Ayyappan song is Harivarasanam . And just watch the video below.Its an evergreen classical song from the movie called "Mogamul".I couldn't get the exact video of the song,but listen to the audio.Song was composed by Isaignani Ilayaraja.

Still so many Carnatic singers are there.Lot of other language singers are also there.I will try to write about them too,as this post is going to be continued.Let this be the first part.I have started with Carnatic music and in the upcoming posts,I will try to include all other genre of songs.

To be continued...

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