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Music moods - A Musical Journey - part-3

எனக்கொரு காதலி இருக்கின்றாள்
அவள் ஏழு ஸ்வரங்களில் சிரிக்கின்றாள்
கீதம் அவளது வளையோசை
நாதம் அவளது தமிழோசை

On seeing the above lines don't think that I am describing about my lover here[Meaning of the song is something like I have a lover,she smiles in my tunes].Actually I don't have any lover or lovers  :P.Well this a Tamil song tuned by veteran music director M S Viswanathan(MSV).The song was sung by again MSV and S P Balasubramaniam(SPB). Well this is an ultra-cool song which many might not have heard.If you listen to this song carefully,you can observe the way the instruments,violin and piano,used. The song comes in the movie,"Muthana muthallavo",I still have a confusion on who wrote the lyrics for this song.I have checked with some sources,some say its Kannadasan and some say its Vaali.So couldn't come to a conclusion on this.But it is one among these 2.Lovely lyrics is what I feel.Listen to this song here.

This is the speciality of MSV sir.Using a single instrument throughout the song in the background.If you listen to the song Kalyaana Naal Paarka sollalama from the movie Parakkum Paavai,you can feel the usage of Saxaphone and a "tak tak" music playing in the background right from the beginning of the song till the end.He is a master in using instruments.While describing about MSV one can't ignore Mr.Ramamurthy. Viswanathan-Ramamurthy - this was a great pair those days.That's why they are called as "Mellisai Mannargal"(king of melodies).Mr.Ramamurthy is a master in playing violin.This song,for which the musical score was by Viswanathan-Ramamurthy, became a huge hit and the no. of violins used for this song was a record those days(of-course after that Rakkamma Kayyathattu came).The song is "Enge Nimmadhi".

Viswanathan-Ramamurthy has worked together for so many songs,but unfortunately they parted ways due to some personal issues.Working individually MSV sir became successful in the beginning itself,but Ramamurthy sir couldn't shine immediately,but he too tasted success after some struggle in the industry.But individually, MSV was more successful as a composer compared to Ramamurthy.
MSV has composed music for so many movies.The movie Ninaithale Inikkum is a genuine musical hit.The movie had around 15 songs and all the 15 are hit songs. Imagine a movie with so many songs nowadays.Will the audience have patience to hear so many songs?But MSV's music made it possible,those days.The songs were such a huge hit that one song from this movie has been remixed(to be precise,it was rehashed in a little amateur manner) recently.The song is Engeyum eppodhum from the movie "Polladhavan".

Once Ilayaraja and A R Rahman themselves said in an interview that travel in the path shown by the legend M S Viswanathan sir. He is also a nice singer.Some of his popular songs as a singer include Enakkoru Kaadhali,Sambo siva sambo, Vasantha kaala nadhigalile(he was the play back singer for Rajni in that song),Aalalakanda aadalukku thagappa,Meghame oh meghame(from the recent movie Madarasapattinam).His voice has still not lost the magic. Its too difficult to list out the popular movies which had the musical score of MSV sir,as the number is too large.Still I would like to list out some movies Ninaithaale Inikkum,Moondru mudichu,Thillu Mullu,Simla Special,Varumayin niram sivappu,Billa(Rajni starrer),Enga Veetu Pillai,Avan thaan manithan,sumaithaangi etc.

Though I don't belong to the era of music,when MSV was at his peak,I am still happy that his songs still attract people of the current generation too.
This is a very small description about the legends MSV-Ramamurthy.It is possible to publish a series of books describing their works.Now let me get into 'Mama' Mahadevan.The song "Mama mama mama" from the movie Kumudam was a huge hit and till today it remains one of the most popular songs of Tamil Cinema.The music director of this song is none other Mr.K V Mahadeva.As this song became such a huge hit,he was fondly called as 'Mama' Mahadevan.K V Mahadevan was also equally popular as MSV.He too has composed for so many MGR-Sivaji movies and all.

He is also a very popular music director in Telugu cinema too.His works with director K Viswanath are absolute masterpiece.His Shankarabharanam is my favorite.The songs in Shankarabharanam like Manasa Sanchanare , Shankara Naadha shareeraaparaa are evergreen classics.Shankarabharanam is a movie based on music.All the songs are in Carnatic style and all the songs were sung by man with golden voice Mr. S P Balasubramaniam.Point to be noted is,SPB sir didn't learn Carnatic music formally.But the songs are simply awesome and none will believe that this man didn't learn Carnatic music formally.Pure hard work.When we listen to such songs in a relaxed mood,we will feel like living in heaven(atleast I felt like this so many times).

He has scored music for lot of Tamil movies too viz.,Vivasayee,Thiruvilayadal,Kandhan Karunai,Thiruvarutchelvar etc.His "Mannavan Vandhaanadi Thozhi" from the movie Thiruvarutchelvar is a song which I would recommend everyone, who likes good music, to listen.What an extra-ordinary composition it is.This song has an important space in my personal life too.In my school days,when I was in town,I used to watch lot of cultural programs in schools,temples,halls etc.Atleast 2-3 girls will dance for this song in every function.Simple love this song.Whenver I listen to this song,I just want to go back to those good old days.Am sharing the video link for the song below,don't hesitate to listen the complete song.The song exactly starts at 1.52sec..What a brilliant dance performance by Padmini madam.Do watch it friends :-).

Still so many singers and music directors like Seergazhi Govindarajan,S Varalakshmi(singers) and V Kumar,Papanasam Sivan,Sudharsanam,Vijayabaskar etc.But am not getting in depth about them,if possible will try to add up some info here and there about him.This doesn't mean that these people are not so popular or they don't have such a great reputation and all..I like all the above mentioned music directors and singers too.But I just want to cover up some more things related to music,so only I am not writing much about these greats.

Well after so many years,these songs are able to attract even the current generation.One of the main reasons for this success is the space given for lyrics.Lyrics and tune had equal space those days.Music never dominated the lyrics.Sound never suppressed the song those days.That's why these songs never fade away. Sometimes a song can bring about a change in our personal life too.This is one such song,which was written by a great lyricist.

மயக்கமா ? கலக்கமா ?
மனதிலே குழப்பமா ?
வாழ்க்கையில் நடுக்கமா?

வாழ்க்கையென்றால் ஆயிரம் இருக்கும்
வாசல் தோறும் வேதனையிருக்கும்
வந்த துன்பம் எதுவென்றாலும்
வாடி நின்றால் ஓடுவதில்லை
எதையும் தாங்கும் இதயமிருந்தால்
இறுதிவரைக்கும் அமைதியிருக்கும்

One man was looking for an opportunity to become a lyricist in Tamil Cinema.But he lost all his hopes at one stage(its no mean task to get a chance in any field in cinema).He packed all his luggages and he has decided to return to his native,out of frustration.Singer P B Srinivas came to his room exactly when he was all set to go.This man had a good contact with so many cinema personalities,but still he couldn't get a chance.He didn't reveal his plans of going back to his native to PBS and instead,he asked PBS to sing some good song which he sang recently.PBS started singing the above song 'Mayakkama kalakkama'.This person after listening to the song completely,dropped his plans of going back.This song gave him a new hope and he decided not to go back without achieving in Tamil Cinema.He worked hard,he faced lot of obstacles,but finally he achieved it.He is none other than the evergreen young lyricist Mr.'Vaali' A meaningful song written by a legend,has created another legend.

I will translate the meaning here in the best possible way.'Are you depressed?Are you confused?Are you scared of your life?In life there will be thousands of issues.Problems are there in every house.Whatever be the problem that you are facing,it will not run away from you,just because you are depressed.If you have a heart to accept everything,your life will be peaceful forever".Reason for translating this song is,this song might give a new lease of life to some depressed soul,who is reading this blog.As I mentioned earlier,the translation is only for people who doesn't knows Tamil.

கம்பன் ஏமாந்தான்
இளம் கன்னியரை
ஒரு மலரென்றானே
கற்பனை செய்தானே 

What a meaningful lines written by Kannadasan sir again :D.Every male reader will like this song from the movie 'Nizhal nijamaagiradhu'.

Always one has to be careful in dealing with poets and lyricists.God's greatest gift to them is their powerful words.Once Mr.Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram wrote a song and gave it to a producer.That producer told him to get the payment for that song the next day.His(Mr.Kalyanasundaram's) economical condition was very bad at that time.When he went to get the payment,he delayed it purposefully.The producer asked his watchman to tell him that he was not in the house.Pattukottayar wrote the following lines in a paper and kept it on the bench and left the place.The next day ,the producer settled the amount without any further delay and also apologised for what has happened.This is what Pattukottayaar wrote :

தாயால் பிறந்தேன்
தமிழால் வளர்ந்தேன்
நாயே நேற்றுன்னை
நடுவீதியில் சந்தித்தேன்
நீ யார் என்னை
நில்லென்று சொல்வதற்கு

This is the best example to show his self-confidence.Even when his economical condition was too bad,he never gave up his self-respect.கெட்டாலும் மேன் மக்கள் மேன் மக்களே!!!

When you are going to play with the self-respect of someone,be prepared to get back nicely something like this.Pattukottayaar was highly influenced by Communism.That's why he wrote songs like,

கொடுக்கற காலம் நெருங்குவதால்
இனி எடுக்கற அவசியம் இருக்காது
இருக்கிறதெல்லாம் பொதுவாய்ப் போனா
பதுக்குற வேலையும் இருக்காது
ஒதுக்குற வேலையும் இருக்காது
உழைக்கிற நோக்கம் உறுதி ஆய்ட்டா
கெடுக்கிற நோக்கம் வளராது
மனம் கீழும் மேலும் புரளாது  [from the song Thirudaathe paappa thirudathe,movie Thirudathe]

This song will be surely in my playlist if am listening songs in night.This song is one of the best lullabies I have ever heard.A lullaby with a strong meaning.This comes in the movie Needhikku Thalaivanangu.The situation will be like this,MGR will come out of his home to prove himself.He will work as a servant in heroine's home and she will ask him to sing a song.He will sing this song and will make her sleep.Actually there are 2 versions of this song.The female version was sung by S Varalakshmi madam and the male version by K J Yesudas.The lyrics of female version will be something like a mother describing the powerful character of her son while singing the lullaby.Specialty of the female version is that,the lyrics will appear as if it was not only written for the character but also to MGR personally.Yes it is the song,"Intha pachaikilikkoru sevvandhi poovil".I am sharing the male version here.

இந்த பச்சைக்கிளிக்கொரு செவ்வந்திப்பூவைத்
தொட்டிலில் கட்டிவைத்தேன்
அதில் பட்டுத் துகிலுடன் அன்னை சிறகினை
மெல்லென இட்டு வைத்தேன்
நான் ஆராரோ என்று தாலாட்ட
இன்னும் யாராரோ வந்து பாராட்ட..

எந்த குழந்தையும் நல்ல குழந்தைதான்
மண்ணில் பிறக்கையிலே
பின் நல்லவராவதும் தீயவராவதும்
அன்னை வளர்ப்பதிலே..

பாதை தவறிய கால்கள் விரும்பிய
ஊர் சென்று சேர்வதில்லை
நல்ல பண்பு தவறிய பிள்ளையைப் பெற்றவள்
பேர் சொல்லி வாழ்வதில்லை

The meaning goes like this.I made a cradle for my kid using flowers and singing this lullaby.Every child is good at the time of its birth.Whether the child becomes good or bad in the future depends on how he/she brought up by his/her mother.If you chose the wrong path,you can't reach your destination.When a person deviates from a moral life and indulges in immoral activities,his/her mother will live in humiliation and the activities of the person will bring only bad name to his mother.Watch this song in the below link :

What a meaningful lyrics!!!If we hear such songs daily it will influence our habits for sure and we might also give up some bad habits.And the above song was written by Mr.Pulamaipithan.

The post has become too lengthy it seems.But no other go,whatever am sharing is just 1%.Many information are there to be shared.So it will continue in my next post too.

P.S. : The English translation for the songs might appear childish.As I said already,the translation for people who find it difficult to read Tamil and people who doesn't know Tamil.

(To be continued...)


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