Friday, June 4, 2010

My favorite inspirational writers

Hello people.. I thought of blogging about my college life,but I will do that in another post..First of all I have to think everyone who is reading this blog..Its because of the support given by you people I got 1000+ hits.. So thanks a lot for all your continuous support :-) and continue supporting this blog :-).Now I would like to write something about some great people whom I consider as an inspiration for me in terms of writing.. Most of them are journalists.So let me start.

Cho Ramaswamy:


People who know me personally will be knowing the fact that am a 'Thuglak' fanatic. And yes,it is Mr.Cho-a comedy artiste,a play writer,a lawyer,an honest journalist, is one of my role models in terms of writing articles.Every week I will buy the weekly magazine Thuglak,run by him,without fail.What do I like that much in that magazine?You can't find any vulgar/glamorous photos in it.No free items like soap,shampoo etc, are given along with Thuglak.Facts are not cooked up to please any individual.And the most precious thing that Thuglak has and most of the magazines doesn't have is "HONESTY". Thuglak is the magazine that has the gutts to criticize people in power(be it CM or PM, no matter).He is always considered as an opposition party,because he never fails to point out the negatives of any govt.The only weekly(compared to someother magazines,I know) which writes the true facts about Hinduism is Thuglak. Cho has a lot of respect and bakthi towards Kanchi Maha Swami Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi and at the same time he never failed to criticize fake godmen like nithyananda or premananda.

When he wrote against DMK,his office was assaulted by some goondas.But that didn't stop him from criticizing DMK,instead his writings became even more powerful.He was one of the few bold journalists to question and criticize the emergency brought by Mrs.Indira Gandhi.The speciality of Thuglak is,the satirical comments by Mr.Cho on all politicians and some issues.

Ofcourse I do have difference of opinion in some issues with Thuglak,but still I would proudly say,Thuglak is 'The Best' weekly in TN and one of the best in India.

Aditya Sinha:

He is Aditya Sinha.Actually I couldn't get a better pic of him from google :(.He is one of my favorite columnist in "The New Indian Express".The motto of Indian Express is "courage of journalism" and this man's articles in the editorial page proves it.His articles are hard-hitting and it also has the right mix of humor.IE is the one of the few English journal which is not pro-congress.That doesn't mean its anti-congress.Let me put it simple,it is one of the few unbiased "dailies" in India.And his hard hitting articles are definitely inspiring ones.

S Gurumurthy :

He is another well known commentator on political and economical issues.He writes editorials in Indian Express.His writings appear in Thuglak too.He is a chartered accountant and a bold person.He was a key person who brought out several scandals of some big VIPs.He was the one who found out several facts about the Bofors scandal,to which some newspapers link some top level congress leaders.Now that the central govt is using CBI like a remote control in a video game,so now it would be foolish to think that the real culprits on Bofors scandal will be punished.But hats off Gurumurthy,for bringing out so many facts.He is a man with mission.He has boldly condemned the forceful conversions to other religions.He never hesitates to condemn/criticize the jihadis.His articles on the issue of arresting Sri Jayendra Saraswathi,against the christian missionaries in Orissa at the time of riots in 2008 etc are worth mentioning.

Francois Gautier:

He is Francois Gautier.I have read his articles only in Indian Express.Some of his articles in IE,"What made hindus in Bangalore angry","Slumdog,marxism,regionalism" etc were really inspirational.He is a pro-Hindu writer.I have seen several nice pro-Hindu articles written by him in IE.All these articles are supported by facts and figures.He is a foreigner,still he loves/values the Indian culture much more than some of the so called secular Indians.


He is a great Tamil writer.He writes articles in Dinamani(a Tamil daily) and in 'Thuglak'. The best part of his articles is the way he presents it.He has a great knowledge in Tamil literature.His articles are awesome to read.He has written articles on several issues like Mr.Karunanithi(TN CM :D)'s lust for power,Sania Mirza's marriage,on fake drugs scandal(which is rocking TN now) etc.One thing which I could observe from his articles is that,somehow or other he brings in the name of Mr.Karunanithi and bashes him.What makes me wonder is he perfectly connects Mr.Karunanithi's name in any article.He uses pure Tamil words.His articles have punch,satire,humor,historical references,facts and figures.

And there are some more people whom I would like to mention here,apart from the above mentioned ones.They are people whom I know personally.First I would like to mention about my friend Jagadish.I have read some of his blog posts.On seeing his blog only I too wanted to go for it.I understood how to present articles in a blog(He also used to write lengthy articles like me :D).There are lot of differences between his blog and mine,but his blog created some interest in me to start blogging.So,honestly he is also an inspiration to me :-).

Another guy is there.His name is Vishnu.Myself and him started blogging actively more or less at the same time.Amidst severe pressure and hectic schedule,this guy keeps his blog active by posting articles at regular intervals.At one stage my blog was kind of dead one.I couldn't blog anything here,due to my hectic schedule.But on seeing this guy only again I started blogging regularly by allotting some time specifically to blog.

The above mentioned people's thoughts inspires me a lot,but I follow my own way of writing only(thats y sometimes these blog posts might appear stupid to u :D).I always express only my opinion here and not others' :D.And I have difference of opinion in some issues with all the above mentioned people.

These are the people from whom I learnt and am learning to write articles.And there are also so many other writers whom I like a lot,but only these people inspired me to write articles in public forums.Finally it is the encouragement given by my friends,in my initial stage of blogging,made me to keep it alive for more than 1 year.Had they pointed out only my mistakes in this blog,I might have stopped blogging long back.But they encouraged me.Now am happy that so many others, whom I don't know personally,are also going through this blog regularly. Once again I thank everyone for ur valuable support.


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Vishnu said...

Dai enna da idhu....u r inspired by me??..Enna vachu commedya??..yen indha kola veri...By the way wat u said doesn't happen these days...its been a while i blogged :(...The fact is,u r one such guy from whom i take few cues when i blog... Nee dhan eppome boss... :P :P