Saturday, April 10, 2010

33% for Women-Some serious consequences

As I have mentioned in my facebook status,this time I have come up with my views about 33% reservations to women in Parliament.On seeing the title of this topic u might very well think that am a male chauvinist.I don't know whether am one or not :D,but whatever I am typing about this topic are facts which most of them doesn't expose.I don't know what change this 33% for women will bring in society.Even if there are any changes,definitely those changes will do no good for this nation.Why am I opposing this act?

Its simple.In India,women have equal rights as men.The constitution at no point prohibhits women from contesting elections or becoming ministers.But still y this reservation of 33% to women?I thought this bill will never be passed.But now the central govt., has successfully passed it in Rajya Sabha.The govt proclaims passing this bill as a great achievement.All the newspapers carried the news like Congress govt creates history.Actually it should have been like this:"The govt. has committed a historical blunder".But this bill also showed the intentions of some politicians,who purposefully opposed this bill.Who opposed it? It was the Yadav-trio(Laloo Yadav, Sharad Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav).Their argument on this bill went too ugly,that head of the Rajya Sabha,honorable Vice President of India,Mr.Hamid Ansari,has adjourned the house several times.

Well now u might raise a question that why I am opposing the Yadav trio?Even am against the 33% reservation and they are also against it.So why should I oppose? The thing is they don't want this bill to be passed in its present format.Their argument is if this bill,passed in its present format,will be beneficial only to elite women and the women from 'suppressed communties(thaazhthapatta samoogam)' will not get the actual benefit.So they are demanding a quota for women belonging to SC/ST,Muslims etc., within this 33%.That is in this 33% a 5% for an X community,3% for Y community and so on.Which means they are demanding a 'quota-within-a-quota'.What to say about these people?Its really disappointing to see likes of Sharad Yadav,being the president of a honest party,doing such acts for the sake of minority votes.

Why they are suddenly demanding a quota for Muslims and Dalits in this 33%? Soon assembly elections r to be held in Bihar,Tamil Nadu,West Bengal etc.Eyeing the Muslim votes in these states they are demanding for a quota within this bill.Ofcourse,our honorable CM,Dr.Kalaignar has extended his full support to this bill.Infact Mrs.Sonia Gandhi,has praised him that,it was all bcoz of DMK and the TN CM,this bill was successfully passed in Rajya Sabha.So he is an exception here.One might wonder,how a pro minority CM like Dr.Kalaignar,supported the bill in its present format.He badly needs the alliance of congress :-).That is the only reason,for its unconditional support by ADMK too(she too wants to become an ally of congress).Behen Ji(Ms.Mayawati),Dhidhi Ji(Ms.Mamtha Banerjee) has opposed this bill.Reason-simple.Still Mulayam Singh is free and the centre has not gone against him,so Mayawati Ji is against this bill.Y Dhidhi Ji is not supporting this?Because,her principle opposition Communists are supporting this bill.The irony is that Women's reservation bill is not supported by many women in politics.

Had these people protested against passing this bill,saying that there should not b any quota for women,I myself would have supported them.Thats alright,lets discuss the other aspects.If there is one person,who boldly opposed this bill,its none other than the veteran journalist,Mr.Cho Ramasamy.I am really glad that,I could see atleast one bold journalist :-).Hats off Mr.Cho.

India is a country where women are respected and worshipped.We use the word 'mother' for every good thing here.Mothertongue('Thaimozhi'),Motherland('Thaiboomi') etc.. We worship so many Ammans,Durga Devi,Lakshmi Devi,Saraswathi Devi etc. If one is an atheist or non-Hindu,still no probs,he/she will have the same amount of respect for his/her mother.In India ladies special trains are being conducted.Even in MTC buses there are more than 50% of seats reserved for ladies :D.And there only men suffer,bcoz as per the law,men should not seat in ladies seats,but there is no such thing called gents seats in buses or gents compartment in trains(while there are so many ladies compartments).

I bet u in no other country women can get this much of respect or privileges.Ofcourse some male chauvinists are there.Still women get much respect and equal opportunity here.In this same country Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister. Even now so many female CMs are there like Mayawati or Sheila Dikshit and not to forget our president is also a female.So my million dollar question is, when the constitution doesn't stop women from becoming a PM or CM or President,why do u need a reservation?

If it is made mandatory that 33% of MPs has to be women candidates,this will only pave way for nepotism(family rule).If a candidate has a lot of respect and votes in an area,only his wife or sisters wil be given a seat.Like how the congress,in the name of bringing in youngsters brought in the heirs of famous politicians(Agatha Sangma-daughter of P.A.Sangma,Supriya Sule-daughter of Sharad Pawar,Rahul Gandhi-son of Rajiv Gandhi).Like how Laloo made his wife a CM when he was stripped of the CM post.So, obviously,this bill spoils the chances of genuine women candidates.The govt argues that this will help more women to actively participate in politics. For that no need of reservation.Its enough if the govt creates an awareness about politics to women.

Its enough if it conducts elections honestly. In the last parliamentary election one candidate was lagging behind by atleast 5000 votes until the last round of counting.But at the end of the counting,he was declared the winner. Now he is a minister and he is from TN.If elections raise such suspicions,its quite natural that women(not only women,normal innocent people) will fear to enter politcs.

If u think that if women gets the power,there will not be this much atrocities,slap urself and say "I am wrong :D".Recently one lady was making news for wearing a garland(that garland was made up of 1000 rupee notes,amounting to a total of around 5Crore). She is a CM of one of the Indian states.There was also a news in dailies that,her partymen brutally killed one engineer,just because he has not given money for her(CM's) birthday celebrations(ada oru software engineer nelamaya pathingala ya :( ).One lady abused the Bihar CM with rubbish words during 2009 Parliament elections.She was a former CM.One lady,when her victory in her constituency was declared invalid,declared emergency in India,fearing that she could not win in the election again(source: some newspapers).She was former PM of India.One former lady CM's house was captured in a video and a popular tv(as if this channel is a honest one :D) channel telecasted it,showing what a luxurious life she was living.

This is the condition of women politicians.So u can infer that there is no difference between the male and the female politicians right?

My honest opinion.This 33% reservation to women is an insult to women and the nation itself.According to Indian constitution all the MPs,MLAs,ministers,CMs,PM, President etc can  be women.Nothing prohibhits women from attaining the power.The girls and women should actively participate in politics.I have seen so many girls,saying "oh!!!politics,I hate it.Its full of violence and culprits".I asked a gal to name some culprits and asked the reason for calling them as culprits.She named some culprits(they r really culprits only :D),but she didn't know the reason.This is the case with some elitist mentality guys too

One more thing,this bill has to be passed in Lok Sabha too.Then only its impact can be seen.I am praying god that this bill should not be passed in Lok Sabha.The principle opposition party,BJP,has played it smart by not opposing the bill completely.They have asked for a debate in Parliament over this bill.But has given a strict NO to any quota within this bill. It was because the BJP supported this bill,the govt was able to pass it in Rajya Sabha.The BJP wanted to get this image and it got it.I would have been much happy,had BJP openly opposed this bill.Anyway,when president of the congress party,Mrs.Sonia Ji,wants to project herself as a winner in passing this so called historical bill,there is nothing wrong with Sushma Swaraj or Arun Jaitley in playing such a smart politics.

So girls and ladies,please don't get satisfied with 33%,constitution gives u more,participate in public activities in large numbers.Come on friends,let us all join together and oppose this act :D.
Note : Some of the facts,written above,is taken from some reputed newspapers and magazines.


sivakumar said...

Indian politicians sux big time, in these reservation acts. As you said, no one prohibits the other to reach their limits, then why reservation/

Ladies are given full freedom, but some of them want to take the easier route. If they deserve something, they must fight for it and get it. Resrervations will noly make our country weaker and weaker.

Anonymous said...


;)Yep another good post from you Harish.

As per my view not only women but any reservation even for backward community is nothing but a way this political people use to create a fuss. They divide us on such basis and make their way. This is the way English men were able to rule over us for 200 years. The government should provide only basic need and let the people who are really capable win over others but it never happens.

What i feel is there should be no restrictions to the education and other facilities for initial growth stages. Everyone should get equal chance in every aspect regardless of there cast and creed. It should be there performance and ability after that which should allow them to take whatever they want let it be a girl or a boy.

There should be no restriction or limit. Let the young gene decide and come up with good and bad for them. They must be allowed to become what they want. This is not only about political parties but there are so many people in our neighbor hood who thinks that such reservation are good.

Our govt should come up with a law with which every one should get a fair chance in all respect, let it be man or women or a SC, ST, OC or General cast person. The law should allow talent to grow and not diminish in the darkness. There is no uplifitment of people and India if people are poor, jobless, uneducated, unhealthy, etc... The restrictions placed by our law and constituency should be removed and man and women must be treated as same. The law for man and woman should not vary.

If you will meet a woman and ask them ‘What are the things a man can do and a women can't?’ the reply will be "There is nothing which a women can't do". So, I don't understand why they need reservation? I feel there should be no restriction. One good task our government has done is by making women commission as permanent in Armed forces from short service commission. This is the kind of change we awaited for and these are always welcome.

You said in your earlier post about reservation of backward classes. Every year many of the university seats are vacant and the reason is the candidates from OC, SC and ST have not applied. I ask Why they don't give a chance to the eligible candidates of general cast and let them flourish and make there future and India beautiful.

Note: This is my view after reading your post whatever I felt I wrote. So anyone who read this please don't mind and ignore it if you don't like it. Sorry, I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feeling and if I have done so please forgive me.


Harish.M said...

@Siva-True machi.. Reservations will make our country weaker for sure.. Thanks for ur comments :-)

Harish.M said...

@Vijayendra-Man,brilliant reply.. U have almost typed an equal blog post here :-).. I don't think it is the right time to completely eradicate this reservation system.. It is a long term process,where the percentage of reservation should decrease gradually every year.. For that it should reach the deserving people.. Deserving people in the sense,people in tribal areas are yet to see this modern world.. They need reservations.. I mean only such ppl deserve reservation.

But u made a valid point.. So many seats went unfilled since the minority communities has not applied.. Its really a curse that every party wants to project itself as pro-minority but r not ready to work honestly for them.. The rule is that if there r not enough ppl to fill up the quota,it should not b given to any OC candidates or it should not go in open-general category..

This rule has to be changed..

Thanks for ur valuable comments :-)

murthy_thehandsome(?) said...

Dude, awesome post man....
I totally agree with you... Like shiva said earlier, these reservation would rip our country off...
But everything has pros and cons ... If u look at the other side of it, this would encourage more and more women to join politics. and yeah, there are good and bad people everywhere , be it politics or industries or anywhere. When ur sayin about the Attrocities committed by one of the ladies mentioned in ur blog there are women like the Delhi CM who truly works for the upliftment of the people... Dude, if u r arguing why reservation for women then why should there be any kinda reservation in the society be it dalits or any other.... Just keep one reservation and that too for poor only ..thts it....

I wanna just say that women reservation ,i know not at all good but its not bad either... We have so many reservations in our society... adding on to it is one more...

Frankly, we shoyuld dissolve all the reservations and make the society open giving eqaul rights and treatin everyone equally...
I know this is never gonna happen... Like vijendra said above.. there shouls be a free society....

I gues this topic is a never ending topic and a firing one tooo....

P.S- No hard feelings.... just my views...

Nice to see ur blog... Waiting for next blog....

Here's my link

Harish.M said...

@Murthy- Cool.. Nice reply.. Ya agreed, everything has pros and cons.. U said right, Shiela Dikshit, Delhi CM, I do accept that her governance is good.. No second thought.. But if this 33% comes into existence, people like Sheila Dikshit will find it difficult to make it in politics.. Only Rabri Devi or Kanimozhi kind of people will get benifitted thru this..

And as I have said,there s no provision in our constitution that bars women from contesting in elections.. If these parties r very much concerned about the upliftment of women,they have all rights to field women candidates in all the 545 constituencies.. So I stand by my words that this reservation is a publicity stunt and for sure,it will pave way for nepotism..

And regd ur queries on reservation for Dalits and other communities, u can go thru this link:

I have expressed my views on it already..

Harish.M said...

And ya,no hard feelings at all.. Infact such interactive comments keep the blog lively and will create interest to write more..

And for sure,I will check ur web page and will give my comments :-)..

Thanks for commenting here :-)

Jon said...

The bill has not been even presented in LS. Demonstrates the double game of Congress...

So my comment may be a bit outdated. Still...
We consider women as Devis. But in the same vein we use them as sex objects in films, we rape them ,abuse them, give them lesser wages and little justice
So injustice against women is a reality.
I am not for or against reservation based on sex nor do I think women politicians are better/ worse than their male counterparts.

But if women can enjoy more equality due to this law, I would be happy

Harish.M said...

//Ofcourse some male chauvinists are there.//

@Jon- I have mentioned this.. But honestly my opinion is this law will do no good to women in general