Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recession and New Job Opportunities

Hi friends..This time am gonna blog about a sensitive issue which has created nightmares to most of the 2009 Engg graduates..No prize for guessing the issue because I have given it in the title itself :D..Ya its about recession only..This recession is making waves all over the world..But in India it has several effects...Many people working in IT sector lost their jobs..Many are suffering cost cuts..There has been no sign of hike in salary.Everyone are under pressure and they themselves dont know how long their job will be theirs.Infact they slip in their duty in the fear of getting pink slip :P..

This is for the people who are employed..But there is another category of people who are having sleepless nights..Ya they are those who got selected on-campus and are in the fear that whether they will get the call letter or not?If they will get means,when?In some companies still the 2008 passed outs itself has not been called,then how this year's?What to do in the mean time?Shall we go for any certification course?Or shall we do any job temporarily?Like this these people are having 'n' number of questions in their mind...All I can say to this group of people is just this: DONT WORRY,YOU WILL BE CALLED AT RIGHT TIME and if u feel like wasting ur golden time learn some thing which you dont know.Still if you are not convinced means,just look at the next category,in which students are yet to find a job.. :P(Unakkum keezhe ullavar kodi :D :D :D)...This category of people who are yet to get a job are facing several strange issues...Even I belong to this category :D,so let me discuss about my category..

Well this third category is really facing strange issues..At times it really seems funny..First and foremost problem is PRESTIGE.Whenever some relatives see the first question they ask is "Your son has graduated right,so what he is doing"..I will type this in Tamil then only it will be interesting:

RELATIVE : Payyan degree mudichittan la enna pannitirkkan(ur son has completed degree,what he is doing?)
Candidate: Vela thedittirukken(Searching job)
Relative : Vela thedittirkingala hmmm..(Searching ah,hmm[with an expression which will really irritate us :D)..campus la laa onnum varalaya(didnt u get any campus?)
Candidate : illa recession naale place aaga mudila(I couldnt get placed due to recession[this itself is a huge lie :P])
Relative : En payyan infosys la place aanan pona varusam(My son got placed in infosys last year).Maasam 27 aayiram sambathikkiran(earning 27k per month)

This conversation will go on and it will be really hilarious at times.The person wants to show that his son is GREAT and his relative's children are nothing before his'..But personally I have not faced this type of comedies,still there are guys who are close to me has undergone this :D.If they ask me I will just answer this:Ya I havent got placed,so whats ur problem.You too follow the same :D and if ur father kicks u for this am not responsible.

Apart from prestige there are several other issues.Nowadays there is no opening in IT companies(almost all companies stopped recruiting),but still some times I get mail or I come across paper ads with this caption:" URGENT OPENING-FRESHERS NEEDED".As we freshers are desperately looking for a job,we hurry up to the company with 3 hard copies of resume(this is how they mention: BRING WITH 3 HARD COPIES OF RESUME).. The name of such companies will start with some thing and surely will have a second name like this only: Infolink,Infotech,InfoSystems etc.

Ok,now that with our resumes,in a professional(or formal)dress,with shoes we go to those so called companies.If we go there we are made to wait for quite sometime. And for a company I remember some guys preparing seriously with DBMS book(pity on u guys-this is what I thought there :D).First we have to register there by giving 2 copies of our resumes(2 printouts waste :D).Then a mokka receptionist(lady than pa :D) will say like this:"Please wait sir we will call you,the interview(?) is going on".Now our candidate will wait patiently(:P) in the hall.Then his turn will come.

Now our candidate is going inside.Now the most interesting interview starts.Interviewer gets the file of the candidate,then:
Interviewer : Tell me about yourself(same routine dialog)
Candidate :Same routine answer :P
Interviewer : U r looking for a job in which domain?
Candidate : Java,.Net etc
Interviewer : See actually we are running a training course,if u r interested join that.If u join that course we will provide u placement at the end of the training programme.The course costs just 7000 rupees.
Candidate : ????

At that time only our candidate realises that these fellows are planning to develop the company by using our money only(enna vachi oru company ye kattuvan pola irukku :D). This is how interviews are conducted.But when I faced this type of situation I said to myself"ethana interview attend pannirkken varta,ah next ah next next :D".

This is one form of marketing.But there is also another stuation(which is really dangerous).For this also we see advertisements and go.Once we go there what they say is:
Actually we are a new company and we need candidates thats y we are recruiting candidates.So now that we have selected you(parra hmm.).All you have to do is just pay a 45,000 as deposit and we will refund this after 18 months.For the first 6 months we will be giving you training in some X domain and u will get a stipend of rupees 5000 per month during training and depending on your performance we will select you and deploy in projects.After that you will get a pay of 3.5Lakhs per annum.
All that you have to do to confirm your place is just to pay a 10,000 rupees and block your seat.We will call you once the program starts.

I use to think myself"kekkuravan kena payala iruntha ithum solvanga innumum solvanga" :D.See how noble this type of theft is.Getting money from us and paying to us a part of our money.Is this not a cunning business? Worst part is such companies run away after getting a considerable amount of money.Dont waste your money like that and all.
Considering this only I have given the topic as Recession and NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES.

Apart from this there are other serious effects of recession too as follows: A 10kg weight increase in almost all 2009 passed outs,many active members(vetti opicers :D) in social networks like orkut,facebook etc,large no. of application forms for govt jobs sold out,huge que in passport office,large no. of customers in driving schools,sudden increase in no. of students in computer classes etc..The major effect of recession is jobless people torturing others by writing long mokka articles(that too in a bad english :x) in the name of blogging :D.

So this recession has created a new atmosphere totally.And soon I will be back with my next article.Kindly give your valuable commens :)


Vishnu said...

its good!!!...But nothing new,as im also a vetti opicer...But it ll be good for people who are not part of those three categoreis u mentioned...

Mohan said...

gud job mama

dude said...

very gud..narration s too comical da..!but these are the real facts too..gud go ahead wit ur bloggin..!!

Abhishek said...

topic was rocking da.the same thing happened 2 many of d students in my hometown who paid d amt and later d company was closed.real facts mama.go on with such interesting topics.

Harish.M said...

@Abhishek-Ya machi this type of fraud is happening everywhere..we have to be careful :)