Monday, June 13, 2016

Media's role in covering Rajiv Assassins case

We have been seeing lot of outrage demanding the Rajiv Gandhi killers release..mother of one of the convict, Perarivalan,is getting lot of media attention and naturally,there is a huge wave of sympathy for Perarivalan and other convicts.. 4 years ago, one Tamil director made a movie against capital punishment and wrot in facebook that 'Perarivalan's mother appreciated the movie Aravaan'. Now actor Sathyaraj,Vijay Sethupathi, director Ranjith(director of Attakathi,Madras,Kabali etc), have also joined this 'release Rajiv Gandhi convicts' chorus. So much support they have. Cleverly these people are playing victim card, thanks to Mr.P.Sadasivam for commuting their death sentence and successive central govts to keep their mercy petition pending for long.

Anyway this article has nothing to do with the legal side of this case.

I have a question, while the media and 'socially responsible' citizens and celebrities are so concerned about those who are undergoing life sentence, did they ever bother about 18 other innocent people who died on that fateful day along with Rajiv Gandhi.. Media can do a cover story about them right? Who knows, if we give statistics about the caste and religion of the people died in the bomb blast, they may do some cover story, provided, people belonging to 'some communities' and 'some religions' are in the list.

You have been constantly giving media coverage to Mrs.Arputham Ammal, why don't you ask about the trauma, the family of deceased underwent? Ask them, if their family was given any relief fund? If someone from the deceased policemen's family got job? How they all suffered on losing their loved ones. After all, they are also human beings right? I bet you, none will care about these innocent people.

After Rajiv Gandhi's death, some rationalist and pro-Tamil groups took processions hailing Dhanu. Infact, one rationalist leader openly said, 'atleast once let us celebrate the victory of Ravan over Ram'. Their rationalism is that Lord Ram never existed, but Ravan existed and he was a Dravidian. According to them Brahmins are Aryans, whereas Ravan, who was a Brahmin according to Ramayana, is a Dravidian. Lord Ram, who was a Kshatriya,is an Aryan according to the Dravidian ideology. Such an intelligent ideology it is. The media is so spineless here, that, still they are supporting LTTE and these Dravidian outfits, in the name of liberalism.

Only in India, all these moronic activities of celebrating terrorists and assassination of a former PM will happen.

And, expecting the media here to make a cover story, about the victims, is absolute stupidity. Sadly, the warriors, who have suddenly realized the value of life and are in a hurry to save the Rajiv Gandhi assassins, will also not spare a minute for the family of the deceased.

Though I don't buy the arguments of pro-Rajiv Gandhi assassins group, I am convinced that many who were responsible for the assassination are still roaming free. Mark my words, you can only find out who killed Rajiv Gandhi, you will never know why he was killed and who were behind the murder.

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