Friday, May 6, 2016

ADMK Election Manifesto and TN Elections - 2016

"--> 20% land on SME industrial parks will be reserved for SC/ST entrpreneurs.
--> Women to get 50% subsidy to buy mopeds of scooties
--> One soverign gold for women ahead of marriages" -

some diamonds from ADMK political manifesto..there is no announcement about improving educational system in TN.. these Dravidian parties has done their best to spoil the educational system and now we don't want national level entrance test.. we are saying it will only benefit Hindi speaking population..this is nothing but an impact of Uniform Syllabus education.. and I see people asking why don't you give education for free.. govt schools provide free education only..we the people don't want to experiment by getting an admission for our kids in govt schools as we feel 'money laundering' private schools are much better than govt schools.. if you have a prob with govt school, you should see how to correct it,going against pvt schools will not help you out.. if you want pvt schools to provide free education, who will provide salary to the staffs? without thinking anything if we keep shouting nonsense like this, we will only get a DMK or ADMK..

--->No FDI in retail

then make it compulsory for all the shopkeepers to give bill for the goods we purchase and publish a whitepaper on the tax collected from even a small bunk shop.. why do we have MRP? to sell Rs.32 soap to 32 itself? MRP only means you can sell upto the amount mentioned,not that you should sell it to the exact amount..

you are saying this is a pro-poor/middle-class budget.. how will it be a pro-middle class budget?by providing cell phones? I am not sure if everything mentioned in the manifesto will be implemented, but if its implemented , there can only be two outcomes, either tax the salaried class or make TN bankrupt by the end of 5 years(assuming ADMK govt comes again)..

I am not sure if there is anything to appreciate in the election manifesto of ADMK..may be we can feel happy that there is no policy difference in handling the properties Hindu and minority religious bodies.. having said that, I see people who openly endorsed free color tvs opposing ADMK's freebies.. dear DMK boys, you started this and ADMK is taking it to next level..if you say this manifesto is bad,yours is bad too.. you people have gifted Katchatheevu and now promising to bring it back.. introduced liquor in TN and now speaking about prohibition..Even DMK promised 2 cents of land in 2006 when statistics proved that so much of land was not available at all :D and it seems only because of that DMK people involved in land grabbing activities.

DMK gave away free Televisions and made people buy set top box. Needless to say it was a monopoly during DMK rule and only SCV benefited because of it. If you have followed current affairs, you may be knowing how dangerous are the Maran brothers. So saying DMK is better than ADMK is nothing more than a joke.

Personally I am not a fan of this freebies politics, but this election manifesto will play a major role in the upcoming elections.. even in 2006 I dont think people elected DMK for color tv, it was the alliance that brought them back to power..even this time a divided opposition puts ADMK in driver's seat.. how this manifesto will increase the fortunes of ADMK? I have been hearing that in some constituencies the field work of ADMK party workers is not satisfactory.. with an election manifesto like this, the field work would gain momentum and that would increase the chances of an ADMK win..

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