Friday, February 19, 2016

Miruthan Review

Miruthan as projected,its a zombie film. The movie is full of zombies and the hero fights them. The duration of the movie is just less than 2 hrs and to an extent its fast too. If the expectation is just to go for a movie which is different and racy, this movie is ok,but if you are looking for some exciting thriller, then Miruthan will surely disappoint you.

Dog bites can cause hydrophobia(fear for water) which is a symptom of rabies in humans. And yes, people diagnosed with rabies,will be fierce and behave like a maniac. If left untreated, they will die within few days. Nowadays, treating dog bites is very simple. All you have to do is to take injections periodically. The director Shakti Soundar Rajan has taken this simple concept and developed a script based on it.

There is nothing wrong in using a simple concept to make an interesting film. But in Miruthan,there are no interesting scenes or tense moments,which are essential for any thriller. The zombie concept seems to be just an exaggeration of hydrophobia/rabies, which didn't work for me. Jayam Ravi just keeps shooting the zombies for most part of the movie. Kaali, Manohar(the one who plays minister) and Sriman,provides comic relief. Their comedy scenes and 2 songs are good. Lakshmi Menon and the girl who plays Ravi's sister are ok, as they don't have much to do. Only one scene(detection of anti-bodies to the virus) stood out. I feel had the director built the screenplay based on the concept explained in that scene, it would have been an interesting movie.

Instead of merely shooting the zombies, had the director made more research on zombies and come up with an interesting screenplay, Miruthan would have been a satisfying experience. Miruthan is not so interesting zombie.

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