Thursday, September 17, 2015

Maya - The magic works very well

Maya,the Nayanthara starer is a unique horror film.Right from the beginning, till the end, the movie manages to keep you engaged.There are lot of scenes which may scare you, especially the visual and sound effects.We have seen lot of horror flicks with a storyline of a woman(or man too) getting killed by goons in a cruel manner and the victim takes revenge after becoming a ghost.Maya takes a different route.I don't want to reveal anything more than this. Nayanthara's screenpresence has helped the movie a lot.It is heartening to see Nayanthara accepting such roles.Well done :-). Different attempt from the director Ashwin Saravanan and it is convincing too. Appreciate the director for working on a good script instead of trying to ride on the 'ghost-movie-wave'.One or two scenes reminds us of Demonte Colony.Anyway Maya rocks.

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