Sunday, May 20, 2012

Religious Feeling

For Indian cinema 'LOVE' is like an oxygen.It may be a serious movie with the hero playing the role of rugged don or it may be a comedy film or a family film whatever it be,we need love.Most of the movies has a love track without which it is highly impossible to make a 2 and half hrs movie.That's why I said 'LOVE' is like an O2 for cinema.But, for our politicians, religion is the O2.Most of the parties call themselves secular and involve only in anti-Hindu activities and one or two pro-Hindu parties do exist and they just exploit the belief of Hindus to get votes.We can't change them.We have heard something called hazards of the industry.People doing white collar job may get diabetes.People working in chemical factories may develop some problem due to chemicals.Likewise if someone becomes a politician, he will master the art of cheating. Or if you want to become a successful politician,you must master the art of cheating.

So we need not bother much about these 'creatures'. Every religion has its own principles.If you approach religious people,they will give a long lecture about their religion and at the end they will conclude that their religion only stresses on moral values.Be it a Hindu or Muslim or a Christian or Budhdhist whoever it be,their basic principle is 'Love is God'. But atleast 90% of the religious population ignores the discipline and moral values that every religion preaches.Nowadays people started using religion as a 'business'. Everyone wants to promote their product in the market.For promoting,people choose different methods which really looks awkward.

Religion is mainly used for two reasons in India.First,as I mentioned at the top of this post,to get the votes. Second reason is reservation.I have already discussed about this issue of reservation to Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims.I would like to restate my opinion here.Its very simple - they should not be given reservation.Because while converting, the missionaries promise that there is no casteism,dowry system etc in their religion and so everyone will be treated equally.And it is in Hinduism the caste system exists.The reservation is given based on socio-economic status of people.As there is no casteism in Christianity(as the missionaries claim while converting),it is obvious that they should not be given reservation under SC/ST category.And the logic applies to Muslims as well.Its a real shame that our politicians,for the sake of votebank,use the words 'Dalit Muslim' and 'Dalit Christian'.We have a union law minister,Salman Khurshid, who dares the Election Commission(EC) and states that 'he will give reservation to Muslims even if the EC hangs him'.This shows your ugly intention - Mr.Khurshid.

In our country the medias are very powerful compared to most of the other democratic countries.Especially the Television Channels. It was after the media 'magnified' the 2G spectrum issue,the Central Government forced Mr.A Raja to resign(or sacked him).Our media was able to create an 'Anna Hazare phenomenon'. Ofcourse,the Anna Hazare phenomenon was hilarious.Anyway let me not discuss about it now.What such a powerful media does?In the name of being secular they support wrong people.When a terrorist is killed and if the terrorist happens to be a Muslim,the media sees him as a Muslim and not as a terrorist.And we have the human rights commission,which will readily jump into picture to protect the rights of an in-'human' terrorist.

The media has exposed or tried to expose some superstitious beliefs in Hinduism.One TV channel went to the extent of telecasting the 'immoral affair' of a so called Hindu saint.I don't support him.But has the media ever exposed or even tried to expose such affairs in other religions?Or does it mean such things doesn't happen in other religions? The media and secular activists fight for the so called injustice meted out to Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Ishrat Jehan(who were terrorists).But has anyone in this media raised this debate  - 'Why no Muslim organization in India condemns the terrorist groups for the bomb blasts carried out by jihadis?'.Note - am not accusing Muslims in general.

When there were attacks on Churches in Karnataka,the media was so keen on blaming the BJP govt in the state.The way the Television channels handled this issue, gave a strong impression that they wanted to project the first BJP govt in South India as demons to minorities.If there is a sudden attack on Churches or anything else,there should be a reason behind it.Anyone with common sense will ask this question - 'what's the reason for these sudden attacks?'.But the intellectuals in media never bothered to find answers for this question.But let us find it.

But what really angered local Hindus was when Newlife went one step further and published a book in Kannada — Satya Darshini — which was widely distributed by its missionaries. Here below is the translation of some of the most abusive passages:

When Krishna himself is wallowing in darkness of hell, how can he enlighten others? Since Krishna himself is a shady character, there is a need for us to liberate his misled followers (page 50). It was Brahma himself who kidnapped Sita.
“Since Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were themselves victims of lust, it is a sin to consider them as Gods. (page 39).


If you go through the link you can find even vulgar abuses.Any sane person will show his anger if you insult his 'faith'. And this is just an example.The missionaries preach their reli

Why the media is not coming forward to expose this lunatic act of missionaries?This has spread like a virus in this country.The Christian Missionaries brainwash people like anything and they convert them to Christianity.People,after getting converted, they inturn preach the same to others.They make use of all possible mediums for this.Daily they will send something related to Christianity in SMS,mails etc.Whenever you move with such people they will keep on telling about Jesus Christ and quotes from Bible.

When I was coming back from Pune,in train,I was talking with an old gentleman.He must be in his mid 60s.He was explaining about his business.We were discussing about some political incidents and Indian history in general.All of a sudden the man took something from his bag and gave me.It was nothing but a calendar.The photo of Jesus Christ was printed on the calendar.He asked me casually to keep the calendar in my home.I plainly rejected his request. I clearly told him - "sorry we can't keep this calendar".Not only that old man,I have seen so many people with this habit of giving a calendar printed with Jesus Christ,calling/forcing Hindu students to attend Catechism classes,sending bible quotes in SMS for every half an hour etc.

Now intellectuals can very well question me whats wrong in a Hindu going to Church or reading Bible quotes.Well honestly speaking - nothing wrong.But how many Christians and Muslims are ready to read quotes from Bhagavad Gita? How many Christians are ready to come to temples with their Hindus? I have seen some broad minded Muslim and Christian guys coming to temple as a token of respect for their friends. But many choose to stay out.For a change,you try giving a calendar to a Christian guy with a Hindu God's photo printed on it. They will throw it away immediately.If you share the sweets with them, that you offered to God on some special occasion like Ganesh Chathurthi or Krishna Jayanthi,they will not accept it. I have seen people frankly telling - "we don't accept food items offered to Hindu Gods".

If a Christian guy is not willing to enter into temple,there is nothing wrong.Its upto the individuals to decide.But whats not right is,stopping people who are going to temple and preaching them about Christianity. When they do this act of preaching they talk as if the entire world is in darkness.These people are paid by foreigners.Only these missionaries sponsored the protests against Koodankulam Nuclear Power plant. Missionaries involve in lot of anti-national activities like this.

Missionaries convert by giving false promises.Most of the people convert mainly for money.See this video, you can understand what's happening in reality.

Regarding conversions - money is one main reason for this.There is another important reason too.It's untouchability.Untouchability has to be completely wiped out.This should be discussed in detail.Already I have posted some points about untouchability in this blog in a different post.Anyway, will write more about it later.

For me God - the supreme power is not just restricted to Anjaneya or Vinayakar or Jesus or Allah.God is not restricted to some religions. Its a different concept.I feel am not matured enough to write about it.So am stopping with this.But on seeing certain incidents even I have felt like when the Christians and Muslims can feel proud of their religion,whats wrong in myself feeling proud of being a Hindu.Hindutva or Hinduism is a way of living - according to me.Its a tradition.Its a culture.Being civilized doesn't necessarily mean being cultureless.As long as my tradition is not going to affect others,there is nothing wrong in following it.I would even suggest my fellow Hindus to feel proud for being a Hindu.Whatever be the reason - never convert to other religions.Be a Hindu - be proud that you are following the oldest religion.Don't hesitate to keep a Holy Ash(விபூதி) or Vermilion(குங்குமம்) in your forehead.It's afterall your faith - your belief.No crap rationalist has the right to criticize you.Indian constitution gives the right to follow any religion.If someone tries to brainwash you by speaking about Jesus constantly,stop him abruptly and tell him 'shut your mouth'. And this doesn't apply to atheists.

This is another common trend in India.Love marriages.Inter-religious love marriages.If you think am against inter-religious marriages - you are wrong.I am not against it.But am against converting the religion for the sake of this type of marriage.If there is love in between the couple - really - they will never force each other to convert.Whatever it be,in such inter-religious marriages,if the boy is a Christian and the girl is a hindu, the girl converts to Christianity.On the other hand,if the boy is a Hindu and the girl is a Christian,again the boy converts to Christianity.Do we really need this type of love?Don't you realize that you are cheating yourself by changing your identity?Just because an Arjun becomes Albert Arjun,he can't fully change his belief.He will wear the Christian mask and will still try to be Hindu.This mental pressure may even kill him.Do we really need this type of fake life?If its true love Robert will remain Robert and Lakshmi will remain Lakshmi. Don't lose your identity for fake love.

All said and done,Hindus are no saints.There are some mistakes with 'fanatic' Hindu groups too.Will write an exclusive post about it later.This particular post might appear like a pro-Hindu write-up.Or secular and rational groups may even say I am against minorities and am provoking violence.Am least bothered about that group,which is the best in self-mockery.My intention is not to harm other religions.I respect Muslims and Christians,and I expect them to respect Hinduism in the same way.This is my principle - 'be a human first,then you can think about religions'.But at the same time I am not ready to lose my identity-rich culture-tradition in the name of  'secularism'.People who are truly secular will not blame me.

Note : In this article, I have expressed my opinion in some places.I am not forcing anyone to buy it.If anyone feels this article is too harsh,kindly give your response in the comments section.I will respond to some 'worthy' comments.


Raja Rajan said...


Well justified da.. christian missionaries wants to spend their religion in any way so they are ready to offer money even their daughters if bride groom is ready to convert as christian. any one can convert depending upon their faith but it should not happen by compulsion. And u very well compiled between love and religion.

Am really admiring your way u exposing ur anger/emotion/feeling anything it may be but it is nice, strong and powerful and at the same time not hurting also.... Continue ur blog and awaken the youths....

Harish.M said...

That's a great comment machi.. Feels great to see such a comment from you.. And atleast after reading my post,atleast some people should give up their hesitation in keeping the holy ash or vermilion on their forehead..

Thanks for your comments machi :-)

Arvindraj Vijayakumar said...

Good one da... I dedicate this post for all lunatic Hindus, Christians, Muslims and all possible religion following ONLY LUNATIC people..

Harish.M said...

@Aravind - Lunatic is the right word to be used machi.. nice comment :-)

Anitha Umapathy said...

If there is love in between the couple - really - they will never force each other to convert.

Very true Harish...
This applies in muslim marrying a hindu.. my hostel mate (muslim girl) married a hindu guy.. they made that guy to undergo muslim ceremony at the age of 25 to marry her.. people should change n true love accepts people as they are n its unconditional.

Harish.M said...

Anitha - You are right.. It applies to Muslims as well.. Thanks for commenting :-)