Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maoism/Naxalism - A Grave Threat to the Nation

I started this topic some 10 days ago and saved it as draft.I couldn't manage time to write anything more than the title.But the 10 days gap proves the seriousness of this issue.First the maoists in Odisha(Orissa) kidnapped 2 Italians and demanded the release of some maoists from jail.Then another maoist group kidnapped a ruling party MLA(Biju Janata Dal MLA Jhina Hikaka) there.Now 2 days ago the naxalites from Chattisgarh have kidnapped an IAS officer(Alex Paul Menon,who hails from Tamil Nadu).

Their demands should anger any Indian citizen who expects this nation to be peaceful.One of their demand is that the abducted MLA's wife should come to a place with the 30 prisoners.Kidnapping some VIPs and demanding the release of some criminals is not something new in our country.Any government that is in power,will try to negotiate with the terrorists/maoists keeping the safety of the abducted VIP in mind.But the question is what steps these governments take to avoid such incidents in future?

I came across 2 editorials recently, in Dinamani about this naxal issue.The author has raised some valid questions."Who are these Italians? Why did they enter into the region which is forbidden for the tourist entry?". This is a valid point.When there is a caution about the danger of the place,why did these Italians ignored it? What does it mean? Are these Italians helping the maoists willingly?Did they go inside the forbidden region merely to take photographs?I don't think so.There might be just 2 reasons. One these Italians wanted to help Maoists.The other reason may be to convert the tribal people to Christianity.Odisha is known for the atrocities of Christian missionaries.One can't forget the murder of Swami Lakshmananda so soon.

For such people,why should the govt give in to the demands of the maoists?Dinamani also raises another valid point.These maoists claim that they are doing all these things for the welfare of the tribal people.But the abducted MLA was very much supportive to the tribal people there.Why did these maoists kidnap them? The aim of the maoists is clear.They doesn't want the tribal people to develop.The maoists want to rule them.CM Mr.Naveen Patnaik had to face another embarrassing situation.The Odisha police threatened to boycott duty if the govt releases the maoists.We can't find fault with the policemen.Because they risk their lives to capture these naxalites.If the policemen die none has time to even think about it.Sometimes the concerned state govts will give some relief fund to their family and the policeman will be forgotten soon.So the anger of policemen is understandable.

Intellectuals like Arundhati Roy give new titles to Maoists like "Gandhians with gun".I don't know in what way Gandhi harmed this lady.Whenever a criminal is killed by the police,the human rights activists will make an entry into the picture immediately.When Veerappan was killed,the human rights activists condemned it. A case is going on against the encounter of maoist leader Kishenji.But this same Veerappan was involved in illegal smuggling of elephant tusks and sandalwood.He abducted the former Karnataka minister Nagappa and Nagappa was killed.He killed a police officer Shakeel Ahmed.When these people were murdered the Human Rights activists were living in pluto.But when Veerappan was killed in an encounter the human rights commission made an entry immediately.

This applies to other terrorists like Imam Ali,Kishenji etc. In India human rights commission is a commission which always supports people who dedicate their whole life in doing 'inhuman' activities.

Whenever the media exposes the cruelties of maoists/naxalites,the 'intellectuals' and human rights activists say that the injustice done to the tribal people is the reason for this.If that is the case why these maoists are kidnapping pro-poor officials and politicians?How do they get weapons?Who funds them?All these things has to be probed thoroughly.

But one thing,am not supporting the injustice done to tribal people and farmers.The govt should not procure cultivable lands from farmers to set up companies or industries.Lands in which cultivation is not possible should be given to the companies and the govt should compensate the land owners honestly. In some places the govt pays Rs.50000 for a land worth 5 lakhs.This should not happen.

The govt is feeding the inhuman terrorists like Afzal Guru,Ajmal Kasab etc with the taxpayers' money. Still Afzal Guru's mercy petition is pending before the president.The death sentence awarded to Rajiv Gandhi assassins are kept in hold.First of all why these people need a mercy petition?And the successive presidents too more than 10 yrs to reject this petition.And I believe a mercy petition to president is the last step according to law.But I really don't understand how the high court accepted the petition against their death sentence again.There are even attempts being made to save the killer of former Punjab CM Beant Singh.This is not a healthy trend.If this continues people will start involving in criminal activities without any fear.

In 1980s MGR took strict against Naxalites.He gave a free hand for the police to go against the naxals and till today there is no naxalism/maoism in Tamil Nadu.Every government should follow this.These abductions should atleast teach a lesson to the respective state govts and the central govt.Atleast after this incidents the govts should work together to wipe out maoists and naxals completely out of India.


Jothi R B said...

In India human rights commission is a commission which always supports people who dedicate their whole life in doing 'inhuman' activities.

---- Superb & Very True.

Anonymous said...

Strict laws should be framed and anyone violating laws should be severely punished irrespective of their status in society.

Harish.M said...

Jothi - Nice comment..we need a merciless attack on terrorists..Terrorism of any form should not be encouraged..

Thanks for commenting

santhosh parshi said...

Superb Post Bhayya.. An Eye-Opener

Harish.M said...

@Anonymous and Santhosh - thanks for commenting.. :-)