Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy(??) Independence Day

Our 64th Independence day is fast approaching.Coming sunday we are going to celebrate our 64th Independence day.For people who love this nation,this is an important day.They will spend quite some time to think about the sacrifices of GandhiJi,NethaJi,V.O.Chidambaram Pillai,Mahakavi Subramaniya Barathiyar etc. For people,to whom this nation is not so important,this day is again a happy day, because they will be getting a holiday.Unfortunately this time the Independence day falls on a sunday,so for them this is just another weekend. For school kids,this day is a happy occassion.Their respective schools will be conducting some speech competitions,dance competitions,singing competitions etc.And more importantly,the schools will give chocolates to the kids. And others will be looking forward to new releases in theaters,ladies will be watching interviews of Surya and Vijay in tv channels and some gents will be eagerly waiting for a Namitha interview.

Lot of differences right?But still we all are called as Indians.Thats why India is a called as a land of Unity-in-Diversity it seems.Coming to the Independence day,let me start off things from school kids.

 Today most of the kids are not aware of the seriousness of Independence or Independence day. For them it is a good time pass in schools.Last year August 15th,I was walking on the streets.Some school kids were going to school. One girl was crying and she was saying that she will not go to school.Her mother convinced her with the following words 

"See Aishu,if you go to school today,they will give you chocolates.Also there will be dance programmes and all".Somehow the girl got convinced and went to school. Is this really fair on that lady's part? When the kid says she is not willing to go to school,how the lady should have convinced her? "Today is our Independence day dear.Lot of great people have sacrificed their entire life for us.As a token of respect for them, today , in school some functions will be conducted, you should attend them, only then you will be considered good girl". Will the child not obey for this? In childhood itself elders should inculcate the feeling of patriotism to children.Then only they will have a lot of love for this nation.If you fail to do this when ur son or daughter is a kid,then it will be too difficult to teach what patriotism means,in a later age.

Now let's discuss about the next group of people who eagerly look forward for new releases in theaters and new movies in tv channels.Am not against spending time in theaters or in home with family and friends on Independence day.But honestly ask this question to yourself,how many of you really think about this nation atleast for a second?How many of us really spend some 10 minutes to buy a flag and to pin it in our shirts? To my knowledge only few people do this.People living in colonies,flats etc can gather into groups and can hoist the national flag during early morning hours and dispose after national anthem.This will not take more than half an hour.Unfortunately most of us fail to do this.

Now lets move towards the media,government and politicians.I would say it is after the invent of these satellite channels,the Independence day has become like some entertainment event.In tv channels most of the programmes are like A day with a so and so actor/actress,Interview with a so and so music director/singer, and some special movies like Thamizh Padam, Kuselan etc. My question is what did the so and so actor or actress contributed to this nation,so that they are interviewed as special persons during Independence days? Instead of these crap programs,these channels can telecast the interviews of some retired army professionals, they can telecast some documentaries about Gandhi or Barathiyar, they can telecast some movies which is really made for a good cause or which is based on freedom struggle etc. But they will never do this, for them business is more important, because none will see documentary films or army officers interviews. So again it is the common man who has to support some good programs like this,then only the media will change.

Coming to politicians,oh my god,this space is not enough. I need some gbs of space to describe them. It has been 63 years since we have attained independence.But are we really independent? My answer is NO.We are still unable to make decisions on our own.On 26th Nov,2008,Pakistan- a rogue nation, has launched cowardly attack on our nation. Terrorists short whoever they saw in streets. After this attack, India stopped composite dialogue(அமைதி பேச்சுவார்த்தை) with Pakistan.But the foreign ministers of both the nations will meet at times and will discuss some issues.The prime ministers of both the nations will also meet in some third country and discuss.But still our government will say that they have taken a tough stand against Pak. Even in a recent meet,in which S M Krishna,our external affairs minister and Shah Mahmood Quereshi,Pak's foreign minister took part,the Pak's minister had insulted our minister and he has equated our home secratery with a terrorist.The honorable PM of India didn't even give a single statement about this. In my opinion, he is unfit to be in PMO(Prime Minister Office).He has been only touring other nations all these years.Thats the only way he used his power.Manmohan Singh is the most inefficient Prime Minister in Indian history.

Why India is accepting for such meets,when the govt clearly knows that Pakistan is epicentre of terrorism? Its simple.The govt has yielded to the pressure from US.America needs Pakistan's help to fight terrorists in Afghanisthan.If India starts attacking Pakistan,then Pakistan army will focus Indian border.US wont get the much needed help.So they are helping Pakistan by stopping India from taking any action against the Pak terrorists.Why should we bow down to them?For all these years the Americans are bombing down Afghanisthan.So many people have died,but still Osama is healthy and happy.Why should we depend on America?We should have retaliated strongly after the 26/11 incident.

If we see the condition state-by-state,its again at its worst.So many problems.Kashmir is burning.Day by day the death toll is increasing.Lot of people are assaulting the policemen and govt servants?As usual our home minister,Mr.P Chidambaram,has come to a conclusion that they all belongs to Lashkar-e-Toiba(LeT) terrorist group.But the fact is they are all none other than our own Indian citizens.I think it all started off when the rape of a girl became a political issue.Since neither the state nor the central govt were doing enough,a group of frustrated youngsters started throwing stones at the officials. Had the CM of Kashmir or PM of India intervened in this matter in the beginning stage itself, these things wouldn't have gone to this extent at all.Separatist groups like PDP(People Democratic Party),LeT,Hisbul Mujahideen etc started brainwashing the frustrated young brains. They started paying some money to  the youths to indulge into the act of stone pelting.As a result of this the problem has gone to an unbearable extent and the govt has ordered curfew and daily so many people are being shot dead.Till today the Prime Minister has shown zero interest in this issue.I wonder why he calls himself a PM.

The govts should convince the civilians in Kashmir that India is a far better place to live compared to the rogue nation.Its easy to do,but the govt is not ready to understand this.On the other hand, there is another state where CRPF jawans are being killed constantly.Its Chattisgarh.There the maoists are constantly killing the police officials.This govt is ready for dialogue with the maoists.When the maoists are determined to kill innocent people by blowing off trains and schools,the govt should show no mercy towards them.They should use full power to crush the maoists.Will the home minister of India and Raman Singh,CM of Chattisgarh, do this?I don't know when the govt is going to take a stable stand on this issue.

Again regarding Bhopal gas tragedy,Warren Anderson,N-Liability bill etc.,I have written a separate post 2 months back in this same space.Again India yielded to the pressure of US in these issues too.All these things clearly shows that 63 yrs gone,but still India is not independent. Wake up people.Wake up friends.Its already too late.Think about this nation.Think about ways to bring about a positive change in our country.Just 1 week to go,we will be celebrating our Independence day.Atleast from now onwards.lets start working to make the independence days atleast in futureto be a real Happy-Independence-Day.


Karthikeyan said...

I think u intentionally/unintentionally forgot to criticize Karunanidhi :p

Unknown said...

from one Harish to another Harish - an energetically stacked pointers. incidently i have written abt something similar. do check it out.

Harish.M said...

@Karthikeyan - Its actually unintentional da :D .. Thanks for reminding me.. Soon I will write some special posts abt him

Harish.M said...

@Harish- thanks for commenting here :-) I have commented in ur blog too :-)