Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day-Something to think

Hello everybody..This time again back with a kind of happy(infact gujaal) topic.But this(love) is a kind of happiness which at times can make one even mad.Infact most of the times it makes people mad,anyway thats a different story,as this topic is not about love in general,but its all about Valentine's day.So what shall we discuss about V'day?A lot can be discussed.

Tomorrow the entire nation will celebrate the V'day as if its a national festival.People belonging to all regions/religions will celebrate it with unity.Sales of plastic roses will hit its peak.Already in most of the shops lot of guys and girls are standing in ques to buy greeting cards and roses.I can hear some mind voice from the readers "what the hell is this fella's prob if they exchange roses and cards"?..I don't have any probs,but still... :P.

Nowadays this valentine's day has really become a threat to many lovers.Why you know?Their major concern is "whether my partner will give rose to me alone or to my friends also".People are in that much DEEP LOVE.But there is also another major worry for them.Whats that u know?They will be very much scared to go to parks or beaches tomo,coz some Sena(Ram Sena,Shiv Sena and some more insane senas) activists might attack them.Till that attack on girls in mangalore pubs,I was of the opinion that its too difficult to save our culture from people who involve all sort of stupidities in the name of love.But now I think its even more difficult to save this nation from these kind of lunatics.

What this senas does is,they will simply assault people who are sitting as pairs in parks/beaches etc,if they are not married.They will force them to marry.Sometimes some relatives/friends also might have an outing.So u will also make them marry huh? If the sena continues this,then people will take it as an advantage.Everyone who wants to marry will sit in pairs in beaches and parks and as usual the sena will make them marry.Finally the Sena,which is doing all these atrocities in the name of protecting the culture,will be made as a broker(ungala intha area mama nu solvanga :D).Too much of moral policing will result in adverse effects.This is not the way to change the society.But that doesn't mean that pub culture/valentine day dating etc are all right.

Parks/beaches/zoos even college canteens are occupied by people who project themselves as lovers.The atrocities committed by these people are no less than what the sena did.Sometimes it becomes unbearable.Only way to avoid such nonsense is the parents should keep an eye on their children.They have to make it sure that their children are choosing the right path.The media which projects this valentine's day as a great event should realize that it is a grave threat to our culture.There is one Tamil tv channel,a SECULAR TV channel.That channel will telecast special programs on all festive occassions.For Diwali,Pongal,Ganesh Chathurthi etc,they will term the special programs as holiday special programs(vidumurai thina sirapu nigazhchigal).But for Valentine's day they are advertising it as "Kathalar thina sirappu nigazhchi".They will tell this as sixth sense(pagutharivu).That tv channel is nothing but Kalaignar tv.These things should be stopped first.

For those who are in love I just have this simple question to you.Do you people really need feb14th as a val day?According to me for true lovers each and every day is special and for them every day is lover's day only.You can exchange roses daily.If u want to celebrate any day as a special occassion means,why not it be the day on which your love became successful?If u start following this na,stupids who take advantage of this feb14 and do all sorts of nonsense,will not be able to do it any more. I am not against lover or lovers,but for that reason I cant tolerate these kind of atrocities in the name of love.

Again I am able to hear some mind voice."This fellow is unable to get into a relationship with any girl,who will like him,if he tortures with these kind of speeches.For that reason he is mocking us".Ya I am not into any relationships :P,but still whatever I have typed is true and they are facts.According to me this valentine day celebration is a grave threat to our culture(kalachara seerazhivu).And one of my friend has told this small encouraging one liner to me regarding love,which I would like to share with you all here:

"Machan Nithya kedakkalanna Dhivya da"(if not  nithya then approach Dhivya).


raghav said...

100% true facts even i too felt the same way ...... we cant bare the actrocities commited by couples in the name of valentines day and that kalaingnar TV thing
LOL .....

Harish.M said...

@Raghav- :-) nice comment..

impuregod said...

Dude...(not sure if i shud call yo dude, but still)
Dude... I am quoting yo lines here....."(if not nithya then approach Dhivya)."....
Yo ve understood our culture very well.... f%$^*n around right
bravo.... way to go Mr. Harish....

Harish.M said...

Impure god.. Thanks for commenting.. Yeah u can very well call me dude.. no issues with that.. That "if not Dhivya.." thing I have mentioned is just as a joke.. And nothing serious.. But anyway thats the culture now we could see in our country too :-(